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2019 BDC Rules & Regulations

by BDC Admin 8th December 2018


2019 is on the way fast and we can’t wait! We have been told about multiple big builds that are underway for next season already so we are releasing the 2019 regulations nice and early so everyone can make sure their cars comply 100%. We have a very experienced scrutineering team for 2019 ensuring everyone is super safe and all drivers get the same equal treatment.



We will soon be releasing all the information needed if you want to drive in the best Drift championship in the UK next season. For now just send in your details on the ‘contact us’ tab.




  • Rules and regs

  • Hi I’ve been Busy with work and travelling but I have still kept my car in tiptop condition since I last competed in the BDCI have a license and I would like the opportunity to compete next year

    • Send us an email with details of when you competed and we’ll give you the information you need. We will be releasing a drivers handbook asap which will contain all the rules like this. Thanks

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