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We have seen lots of people asking if BDC will be having Livestream this year so we thought we’d better tell you a little more. Livestream costs a lot of money, by us providing Livestream some may say it stops people actually coming to our events as it’s so easy to watch at home but on the flip side to that it really helps our great sponsors get their brands out to huge amounts of people. It also helps our awesome drivers raise their profiles.


So what do we do… WE LIVE STREAM IT!!


The fans want livestream so that’s what we’re providing! For 2019 we are using a new company to provide the service and we can’t wait to show off some of the extra new features. We have been doing a lot of research and we’re trying to combine the best features from lots of different sports livestream in one slick package.


Previously watching the livestream has been so easy and good there has been no push to go to events, that’s where things change from now… we looked at downgrading the livestream, or even removing it to get more to attend events but we felt that was a backwards step.


So we’re setting ourselves a challenge… we’re making it even better –


More camera angles including drone footage

More varied content to keep you fans entertained

Better on screen graphics

and the best bit… the ability to get involved and actually vote at home but we’ll tell you more about that another time!


So with an even better Livestream what’s the point in going to the events you say?! There is every reason to attend in person this year, seeing drifting in real life doesn’t compare to watching it on a screen. Plus instead of just watching drifting you’ll have a whole list of exciting things to keep you entertained!


Keep your eyes peeled for future blogs about our new App and all the crazy things we’ll have at the events!


  • Look forward to seeing the changes in the livestream.. last. Couple of years has been good with the drivers details being like FD.. I wouldn’t say having livestream stops people attending the drift championship. more of the fact most of the track are quite far for some fans so sometimes livestream is one way of keeping up with the drivers and championship. Plus it’s gets the BDC seen not just in the UK but people world wide running in.

  • I think it is good idea my self

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