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For this release we thought we’d let Toby Appleton tell it from his point of view…


With Drifting being as addictive as it is to watch or even be part of, it’s hard not to jump at the chance to work as part of a team that sets out to create a show like no other.
For the past two years I have had the pleasure of working very closely with the lads from Zigen promotions. I very quickly learnt a lot about all manner of different things that go on behind the scenes to make these seemingly flawless events run so smoothly. Not only that but had so much fun on the ground marshalling at these events.
These events don’t just happen overnight, months of planning goes in to them, before even one pair of trainers hits the ground on event week. To me this is where being involved gets more exciting. More and more I have realised these events are like a well-oiled automotive circus that rolls into town. Vans loaded with everything and anything you could need, such as the judges tower, a shop and marshal posts are to name but a few.
But it’s what happens next when a team of only a hand full of people turn an empty car park or a go-kart track into something special. Trust me the banners and flags around the place are not placed by accident. The track is measured and marked with track limits and the clipping boxes painted. Then the once feared concrete walls are put in place. As the day goes on other work crews arrive, the grandstand gets built, and the live stream team come and set up all their gear. It’s not just the track to look after though, the judges tower must be built and kitted out.
As the day comes to a close the arrival of all the competing cars and teams is a welcome break, a chance to catch up with the friendliest bunch of people I’ve ever met. They are always happy to have a chat, if you don’t believe me catch them at the next event.
Event days are so crazy, you just can’t tell what will happen next. A lost bumper, a fire or one of those dreaded concrete walls been tapped a little too hard. But as a team the guys on and off track make everything happen to keep the action on track.
After two days of amazing track action, two podiums and hundreds of burnt tyres, it’s time to break it all down and logically load the vans up ready for the wherever we head to next.
I have been lucky enough to be able to continue this work in the new British Drift Championship Team, after a few good long chats with Matt I can say I am really looking forward to what is to come this year and seeing this Championship Develop with Matt at the reigns.
The team Matt has created is full of the best the U.K. has to offer and it will be great to help create something totally new and I’m sure very memorable events in this upcoming 2019 season.

– Toby Appleton – Track Manager


This season where possible we will be showing you a little more behind the scenes action so keep your eye’s open for Toby and the team!


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