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We are thrilled to announce that HEL Performance will be partnering with the BDC throughout the 2019 season. HEL have become one of the top brands in the braided hose business, and unlike most others they not only manufacture all of their own lines, but fittings as well, right here in the UK. This allows for them too closely oversee the quality control across the board, as well as having a faster production time and an exact control over finished products. They are also the only company in the UK who you can actually watch making your brake lines at their state of the art facility!
HEL are a respected name not only in the performance automotive industry but also the moto world as well! For most of you reading this you’ll likely be familiar with the brand name as the sponsor of BDC pro driver Ollie Elmore, his white R33 was shredding up the tracks last year providing us with some of the most exciting battles we saw!

For the last two years HEL Performance have been supporting the grassroots of British drifting by sponsoring Driftcup, and this year we are ecstatic to have them on board aiding the professionals as well! HEL products are through and through some of the best you can find on the market, and you will see them on cars all up and down the BDC grid!
Here is what the director of the BDC Matt Stevenson had to say about the partnership –
“I’m really happy Ben at HEL Performance reached out to me, they are well known for the support they give to the drift scene already, as well as a lot of other motorsports. The setup they have down there is amazing, and its great to see UK companies keeping as much in house as possible! I’m looking forward to working with HEL a lot more this year!”
If you would like to check out the extensive range of products that HEL Performance manufacture then you can check them out on their website and keep up to date with their offers through facebook!

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