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Ahead of the new season starting its time to catch up with some of the drivers who are going to be competing this year, and let you have a look into what is happening behind the scenes. Up first is some new blood for the championship but no doubt a name you will of heard of as he just won the Drift Cup championship for 2018, it’s Andy Frost…

Could 2019 be the year we see you take the title?
“Yes, I’m doing everything surrounding the driving aiming to make myself as competitive as possible, the rest is down to me and my team.”

What changes have you made since last year?
“New Chassis
Completely different engine setup
Semi slicks every run
Basically more grip, more power
Still in a bmw ?”

Who is helping you this year?
“Driving for a New team in drifting, announcing who that is in 2 weeks.
LSX Performance
Canems Engine Management
Driven Racing Oils
Family as always”

We know you’re doing the full season of BDC but what else are your plans?
“Aiming to drive as many big venues/demos as possible to hopefully push my name and the names helping me as much as possible.”

What are your thoughts on Matt Stevenson taking over the BDC?
“He’s the right man for the job, From the UK, Competitor in the BDC, runs a performance inspired Business as well as a drifting Team. Think he’ll do great things for the championship.”

If you were in charge of BDC what would you do or change?
“I’m uncertain how the Buxton venue will work. Love the place as that’s where I fell in love with the sport, spectated, learnt and crashed there when I started out.
Feel the track may be too slow and smoke consuming for 1000bhp cars that will be competing.”

“However, I’m never one to judge nor pipe up as i imagine Stevenson and Watson will have some vision of what can be pulled off there. So I’m more excited to see what’s to come and still throw down.”

I think it’s safe to say that Andy is going to be one to watch in the 2019 season! It’s always exciting to see fresh new talent making it up to this level, and watching as these new drivers ascend, who will make it to the top ranks of the competition? I guess time will tell! We will have more of these short one to one catch up’s coming soon so make sure you watch this space! Who would you like to see us catch up with next? Leave us a comment down below!


  • #stunts
    Will be rad to see another pal hit the BDC ranks and drive a silly power sled with 100% nads, talent and commitment. Seeing this dude almost month to month go from a starter to what he is now is awesome and if its not his own mind saying more, I want more, I want to be better, its Jenny hanging of him. AANNDYY can we go drift can we go drift. Like peas in a pod with priceless dedication to each other and the sport.

    An asset to BDC and more.

    Pull a stunt yyyoth.

  • Go get em Andy, you can do it. No problem.You are a Frost!!?!

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