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For our second catch up with one of the drivers for 2019, we spoke to Slide Motorsport driver Adam Simmons, he had a tough run last year amidst car trouble but is coming full pelt into 2019 with a brand new build. Let’s see how he thinks the Pro grid is stacking up for this season!

Could 2019 be the year we see you take the title?

“I would love to say yes, but with me building a new car from an un-proven chassis for 2019 anything could happen! I may have my best year yet or we could be hit with a lot of teething issues, who knows….”

What changes have you made since last year?

“I’ve built a brand new car, it’s a BMW Z4 with an ls3 engine!!! “

Who is helping you this year?

“With the new build I’ve had a lot of help from some amazing companies! All the work has been carried out at Slide Motorsport and Clark Customs, then i’ve had a lot of brands on board to help with parts like OBP motorsport, Corbeau seats, Rota wheels, Link ECU, Ramair filters, Tri-ace tyres and Fuchs oil.”

“But the biggest thanks has to go to DKM clutch who are the title sponsor for my car! And not forgetting my team mate Jason Clark, he also deserves a medal! without his help and welding skills I wouldn’t have been able to build the Z4!”

We know you’re doing the full season of BDC, but what else do you have planned?

“Main plans for this year are to get as comfortable in the Z4 with as much seat time as possible, I will be at as many demos outside of BDC as possible. As well as Driftland Bash and some oval events in my practice car. Make sure you all subscribe to my YouTube channel and you’ll see how I get on as well as more about the build of the Z4!”

What are your thoughts on Matt Stevenson taking over the BDC?

“I’ve been good friends with Matt for a number of years, I drive for his team and have seen him take Slide Motorsport from a little one car garage to the amazing workshop it is today!”

“He has the drive to make the BDC something special like he has the garage and I’m looking forward to seeing what he does in 2020, when he has more than 2 months to book the tracks!”

If you were in charge of BDC what would you do or change?

“I’m happy with how the championship is at the min, but I’m also looking forward to what Matt has planned for BDC, I’m sure over the next few years he will make some big changes!”

No doubt everyone is excited to see what Adam can do in such a different build to anything else you can see out on the grid! The Slide guys are always exciting to watch out on track and Adam is really going to be turning heads this year for sure. Will we see more team drift mayhem from the Slide crew? Who else has a new car you’re excited to see compete? Sound off down in the comments below.


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