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In this 3rd instalment of driver dialogue we talk to another one of the newer names in the Pro-AM class, Paul Cunnington. Paul progressed up from Driftcup mid season last year and had an amazing performance at round 5 getting through to drive with the Pro class. We had a quick catch up with Paul and he broke down what he’s got in the works for his biggest season yet!

Could 2019 be the year we see you take the title?
“Definitely! In my mind if you don’t think you can take the title you shouldn’t be in competition. You always need a bit of luck within drifting, but this year with some of the adjustments that I’ve made & support from sponsors there is no reason why I can’t be on the podium.”

What changes have you made since last year? Who is helping you this year?

“The focus from last year was to create something that was unique to all of the other cars on the grid (pretty difficult on an s14 ha), be able to run much more grip & focus keeping the car reliable.
Some simple enough goals, however to me, a lot of work, time & planning.
The rad will be installed in the back of the car to assist with cooling & weight distribution, a upgraded GTR v-spec differential/ shafts, the R154 has been ditched for a 350z gearbox, Lexan windows all round, A full EPRacing s15 rocket bunny kit & front end, the front & back of the car has been cut off/ tubed & finally a fresh new paint job.
The biggest change from last year in regards to support is being able to have a dedicated team behind us, on & off the track with Secret performance & Driftgarage. I realised this is the most important thing for competition last year round 5 of BDC, unfortunately I couldn’t make it to my top 4 battle due to a steering rack snapping, however the guys from Slide Motorsport worked through the night to get me back on track the next day with the Pro class, without them I wouldn’t of made it, this sort of thing is invaluable in competition.”

“This year I will be driving under the Skidrisk banner with Ryan Toporowski & Danny Mcguire (Teeth)
We are also proud to have some amazing support from:

Yumcars- to make sure the cars are always looking fresh in the pits & out on track

Triace Tyres- supplying us with fresh rubber to kill!”

We know you’re doing the full season of BDC but what else do you have planned?
“Gaining my pro licence is an absolute must, along with attending as many demonstration days, practice days & car shows as possible to promote my team.”

What are your thoughts on Matt Stevenson taking over the BDC?
“Shambles! haha, no I have known Matt for a little while now & one of the best things about Matt is that he understands the point of view from all sides with an open mind who is always willing to new ideas. He wants to make the championship better for both drivers & spectators which is common goal that we all share, however not completely turn all of the valuable work that David Egan had put into the championship on its head. I know with some of the things going behind the scenes Matt is putting in some solid groundwork for a fantastic 2019 championship.”

If you were in charge of BDC what would you do or change?
The organisers work tirelessly & do a great job. For me as a driver I appreciate being part of the championship how it is. I really don’t think there is anything that I would change other than somehow making more seat time in practice & perhaps a top 32 in the pro class.

It’s great to hear drivers like Paul, with such a passion for the sport, are going to be competing this year! As the date moves ever closer to Round One and the anticipation builds we’d love to know how you’re all feeling about it. Will you be in attendance at Teeside for a legendary moment in BDC history? Will you be cheering on Paul and the rest of the SkidRisk team? If not who will you be supporting? Let’s hear more about your opinion down below!

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