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For this instalment of Driver Dialogue we have Lewis Mitchell, who is making his way up to join the Pro ranks for this season! After a good consistent year that’s allowed him to move up, we caught up with Lewis to see how he’s feeling about about the rapidly approaching Round One!

Could 2019 be the year we see you take the title?
“I’ve come from pro am so I’ve got a point to prove, I’m not coming to make up the numbers, cars changed, I’ve changed… bring it on!”

What changes have you made since last year?
“The car has gone on a massive diet and has changed a lot, new running gear, new look which I can’t wait to reveal very soon! And a new colour ? it was time to retire the blue!”

Who is helping you this year?
“Mitchell Motorsport, Boundless Ink, grams styling, J.L.Orourke & Sons Carpentry, Tri Ace Tyres, Bulldog Services, Infamous graphics”

We know you’re doing the full season of BDC but what else have you got planned?
“Looking at maybe trying to go to Ireland this year and just going to attend few local events, seat time is key for me this year!”

What are your thoughts on Matt Stevenson taking over the BDC?
“I’m looking forward to seeing what he has install for us as drivers, and it’s about time the British really prove where the talent is and show the rest!”

If you were in charge of BDC what would you do differently or change?
“Tough one, let’s see how this year plans out and I’ll get back to you guys!”

Who do you think could be the ones to watch for this season? Who do you want to hear from next? Make sure to make your voice heard down below! If there is anything else you would like to know about the goings on or behind the scenes then let us know and we will try and get more blogs to you in the near future!

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