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If you didn’t already know, we have confirmed the venue for Round 4 as Birmingham NEC! The high octane, fast paced world of the British Drift Championship will be descending on the world famous venue Birmingham NEC. We’ll be taking over the car park to setup a custom purpose built track, featuring what everyone loves the best… Walls! That’s right, you’ll see your favourite drivers go head to head in adrenaline charged battles racing, not only against each other but running centimeters (or even less!) away from concrete jersey barriers.

It’s a great choice of venue and one that we haven’t visited for a couple of years, so with Rockingham gone it seemed like the right choice. With a decent centralised location and links for travel, it means that hopefully everyone can make it in attendance, for what will arguably be one of the top drifting events of the year. Because of the size of the venue we’re lucky to be able to offer some extra additional entertainment, so we’ll reveal more on this soon, but lets just say there ought to be plenty too see and do!

Stay tuned for more announcements on details for this season, including the final venue reveal! Where would you like us to head to for the 2020 season? Make your voice heard down below!


  • Get some more south easterly tracks on the book! Travelling a minimum of 3 hours to the nearest bdc event is a joke, if it wasn’t for a few friends competing I wouldn’t be able to attend, 1 due to not driving my self yet and 2 the costs of a ticket to get in, petrol to get there and back, food and drink for the day and a hotel isn’t cheap, please listen to the fans!!

    • Hi Sam,

      Thanks for your feedback and we 100% hear you, our number one priority for next year is to get venues all over the country. We’ll actually be releasing some content where we address this in the near future. In the meantime we hope you’ll continue to support the new team at the British Drift Championship and hopefully you can make it to the events in person. We’re also looking to make some significant improvements to the livestream for this year as well for people who aren’t able to make it to every round.

      All the best.
      The BDC Team

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