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It’s always great when you see a car that really stands out on the grid, and we think that Huw’s V8 powered AE86 does that very well! We know behind the scenes he’s been busy rebuilding the car and is hungry to prove himself in the Pro-Am ranks for this year. We had a quick catch up with him ahead of this season, read on to find out how he’s feeling about everything.

Could 2019 be the year we see you take the title?
“We are not here to make up the numbers! We want the title and that pro license!”

What changes have you made since last year?
“Big changes this year, more power more grip. Quaife sequential, Winters quick change, 18” wheels, 700bhp & 700ft/lbs torque – weighing 1100KG with fluids!”
“Got a great team around me, Huw Lewis tyres sorting us out with super sticky fronts and Westlake are helping with the rears.
APW engineering making the car sound awesome with his manifolds and exhaust.
Owain at Ffics car electrics who has wired the car front to back and we have never had any issues
All the boys at my garage Moduron Hafod Garage and of course the one and only Merlin the main car engineer.
Also David Jones will have a big part to play at the track on the spanner’s and as a spotter.”

We know you’re doing the full season of BDC but what else have you got planned?
“Looking to do a few rounds of RDC to claim my title back from Martin Wonnacott and hopefully get off for a few Drift Games rounds.
Gatebil rumours may be true also.”

What are your thoughts on Matt Stevenson taking over the BDC?
“Great to see Matt taking it on and looks like he has big plans to push our sport forward, which is what it’s all about.”

If you were in charge of BDC what would you do or change?
“Only thing I’d change which is a personal preference, as I’ve come from rallying, is I’d like bigger faster tracks as there is nothing quite like initiating into a drift at over 100mph.”

It’s great speaking to drivers with such enthusiasm for the sport, and with the hunger to progress themselves up through the ranks. Without doubt from the sounds of this build Huw could be a serious contender for the Pro-Am title this year! Make sure you show your faces at Teeside for round one to see he how he handles it out on track! What do you want to hear about from the drivers next? Let us know about it down below!

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