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Martyn Cowley showed at round 4 of the BDC last year that he had the potential to be a serious contender in the Pro AM division, and this time around he’s not messing about! Ready for a full season of fast paced action and with the fire to establish his name, he’s ready to launch his S14 into action at Teesside for round one! We caught up with him recently to see how he was feeling about things.

Will we see you on the podium this year?
“Definitely! I’m not coming to have a bit of fun I’m here to make an impact, I’ll be pushing 110%, go hard or go home ?”

Have you made many changes since last year?
“Yes I’ve made big changes during the off season, the cars had a big diet and a lot more power added to the mix!”

Who’s helping you in 2019?
“So things are coming together for me this year I have Autoworx fabrication & performance, Turbo Technics and Raunds embroidery onboard keeping me in top form for the season.”

Which round are you looking forward to driving the most?
“There’s one round I can’t wait for!!! And that’s the NEC, last time I went there I was a spectator and competing in BDC were only dreams, now dreams are turning true for me ✌️”

If you could pick one driver to go head to head with who would it be?
“It would have to be Ryan Caldwell, after our heated battle at 3 sisters last year I wanted to finish what I started!”

What do you think of the new ownership of the BDC?
“Yeah I’m really looking forward to seeing Matt Stevenson taking the ropes and seeing what he can do with the BDC, I have full faith in Matt to do what’s needed with the Championship”

Apart from yourself are there any drivers you think could be one to watch for this year?
“Yes, my Teammate Dan Tyler he managed to get some results in his BMW last year now he has a lot more capable car to be competitive in he will definitely be one to keep an eye out for!”

It’s great to have so many new names coming up in the championship. We’re really excited to build up a new generation of superstars and show the world what the British drift scene is made of! Got something to say about the new season? Want to hear more from your favourite drivers? Let us know what you want to see and we’ll make it happen!

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