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With the new ownership and new look to the BDC for this year, we wanted to make sure that we brought some new flavour to how we do things, as part of this we needed an all new judging panel! It was important to us that the British Drift Championship be judged by British judges, so with that in mind we’re happy to announce that the new judging panel will be –

Head Judge – Brad McQueen
Ben Manuel
Gaz Taylor

Reserve Judge – Jo Fletcher

Judging is not an easy task and these guys will be able to provide a strong and fair viewpoint when it comes to making the decisions. Historically it was hard to make a clear decision and sometimes this lead to ‘bad’ or very questionable calls. As the sport has progressed this has become a thing of the past, with 6/7 clips (or even more) and a very precise line being clearly set out, we’re far far away from the days of 3 clips and no real line structure! Without doubt these guys should be able to make an accurate decision on the winners of battles.

Ahead of round one at Teesside and the reveal of a brand new line around the track, we’ve got a practice/media day set up on Friday 5th ahead of the big weekend. This means that all the drivers should have the availability to get the new line nailed down and make the job as tough as they can for the judges!

We got this statement from Brad McQueen on his thoughts on judging BDC 2019 –
“I’m super excited to take on the role as head judge for the British Drift Championship for the 2019 season. After competitively drifting in Pro level competitions in the UK and Europe for just over 10 years, I feel this opportunity is a great extension to my career. I also feel privileged to be able to give something back to the community and the sport. I say this with immense passion; Drifting is the best parts all disciplines of motorsport, all combined into one package!

From watching the sport grow as a driver, spectator and now a judge, I’m excited about the direction the BDC is heading! I’m hoping to bring my energy, enthusiasm and humour to the judging tower and cannot wait to work with the other members of the judging panel.

I have seen drifting evolve massively over the last 15 years and I look forward to using my experience to push the boundaries of the drivers, whilst creating an awesome show for the fans!
I can’t wait to support Matt Stevenson and the team as much as possible and help them create electrifying events for YOU, the fans!

See you all at round one!”

If you’re not buzzing for round one yet then just wait til you see what we announce next! It’s time to take the art of drifting to the next level, we’re pushing it more and more than ever this year. We’re stepping the livestream up as well, but we can tell you these events are best seen in person, so get yourself down here for the weekend and come see how it’s done! Tickets are on sale now and offer an amazing 20% discount if you book online!

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