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Drift Games has been on such a roll it’s an absolute pleasure to announce that they will be supporting the BDC for 2019!

So you’ve all probably heard the news about the Drift Games events, but did you know there is so much more to it than just that? They’ve got some amazing new digital content and the highlight of that (at least for us!) has to be the incredible YouTube channel they have launched! There’s all manor of cool car related shows, breakdowns, skits, interviews and much much more. If you’re in anyway interested in motorsport (and let’s be fair, if you’re reading this you probably are) then there is going to be something to keep you entertained.

As well as this they’ve got the Drift Games clothing line, which is currently pushing out some of the most stylish merchandise going. There is a wide range of styles and designs, and it’s all great quality and value as well. You’d have to be mad not to pay attention to how the whole Drift Games movement is pushing forward the drifting community!

Some people might be thinking that there is a direct competition between Drift Games and BDC, and on one hand you’d be right, but it’s the sort of competition that’s good for the sport. Everyone involved is always working as hard as they can to progress and push drifting to the very limits and beyond in 2019! A bit of competition is perfectly healthy and in this case we think it’s going to benefit everyone involved, including the fans and viewers around the world.

We’re not kidding anyone, without the hard work from the Zigen Promotions team (the former owners of BDC and the team responsible for the Drift Games movement) we wouldn’t be coming into the 2019 season in the position we are. The level they left things at closing out 2018 was unheard of, and we’re so excited to build on top of this success for this year, and once again show you how big this can all become!

If you want to see more of what Drift Games are doing you can head over to the website and also subscribe to the YouTube Channel.

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