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Turbosmart are partnering as an official trader for 2019!

by Mac Frost 22nd March 2019

Turbosmart are the next brand we are announcing as an official trader at the BDC for 2019. We’re ecstatic to have them on board as they not only make some incredible, high quality and very affordable parts, but the customer care and support is fantastic too.

The team at Turbosmart are dedicated to making the best products, and helping to improve performance automotive builds around the world. With this sort of knowledge on hand at the BDC I’m sure you can get some great advice on how and what you will need to progress your own project forwards.

Director of the BDC Matt Stevenson had the following to say about the partnership with Turbosmart.
“We’re happy to have Turbosmart not only selling their products at BDC events this year but also offering their full spares range and expert advice! Its the start of the new BDC, we’re providing a full days entertainment on and off the track! More things to do than ever and it’s only going to keep getting better!”

We’ll have more information on how traders will be operating at the events and hopefully be announcing more in the near future. If you’re interested to get your products on sale at BDC events in the near future, please get in touch and we will be happy to help you.

You can see the full range that Turbosmart offer over on their website.

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