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Stereo and Sound Improvements for #BDC2019!

by Mac Frost 26th March 2019

We’re working so hard to make sure that we improve the events in every way possible, and a big focus this year is to make sure that the overall experience is as enjoyable and memorable as possible. We know the track can be loud at these events and we know we’re offering a lot of off track entertainment for this year, so we’ve got one amazing sound system lined up. To put this into perspective at events last year there was typically 6 speakers providing the audio across the whole venue, this time we have an incredible 18 speakers lined up! Then on top of this we will also have 8 subwoofers as well, this event is going to sound phenomenal! This means that no matter where you are on the grounds of Teesside for Round One, you will hear crystal clear audio of the action live on track.

This huge step up for the audio at events is made possible thanks to the amazing team at Sterling Event Group, they have gone above and beyond for us to make sure that the BDC sounds as good as it can. Without the support they are offering us, it just wouldn’t have been possible for us to make an improvement of this magnitude.

If you require an audio or even a full technical setup for your live events then please be sure to contact them at We’re actually going to have another big announcement for the live events coming this week so keep an eye out for that. If you’ve not already then you can head over to the ticket site and get your tickets now at 20% discount!

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