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Driver Dialogue Jolene “JoJo” McDonald

by Mac Frost 3rd April 2019

We had a quick chat with JoJo ahead of the highly anticipated Round One of #BDC2019 and found out how she was feeling about the new season and what changes they had been making in preparation. JoJo entered the BDC last year and immediately proved she was good enough to chop it with the very best, if they can get the incredible FastR 2JZ E92 running right this year she will be a strong contender for that Saturday podium!

Will we see you on the podium this year?
“I will try my best, unfortunately with delays I’ll have zero seat time in another totally new setup, but with the huge support from my team at FastR I hope this year will be something special!”

Have you made many changes since last year?
“Literally everything, from rear subframe and adjustable arms, down to the drivers seat. A built 2JZ VVTI swapping from the non VVTI, head work, bigger valves and cams, Turbo etc.
The biggest change for me will be learning a sequential box, back for 3rd, not forward!”

Who’s helping you in 2019
“FastR remain as the main sponsor, team, and owner of the car. I am very, very lucky to have opportunity to drive again for this coming year to hopefully prove I can get some good results. Alongside them we have Secret Worx providing trackside support and maintaining the the car between rounds.”

Which round are you looking forward to driving the most?
“Driftland, simply because I’m yet to drive the track, last year after arranging a borrowed car from Paul Cunnington, I ended up in hospital not remembering the trip! So I have some good memories to make in our own car, and meet all the lovely people who helped me out last year. Hopefully I can learn a track I’ve dreamt of driving since the day it opened!”

If you could pick one driver to go head to head with who would it be?
“I’m not sure I have enough lines to type haha, so many friends and little ideas of battles you think of over time. One would be Paul Cunnington, I crashed into him in the drift cup final at 3 sisters, and would love to go again just for a laugh. He peddles that car hard and it could go either way or even OMT, as we would keep going round for fun no doubt! And a close second (if I am allowed) I’d have to say Matt Carter, just because he’s a mega guy. He Helped me in the early days of learning and he’s held the championship title in pro, so just for the experience and in hope of learning something, that would be a mega cool opportunity.”

What do you think of the new ownership of the BDC?
“Change is good, it brings fresh ideas and I think if anyone can do it Matt can. He has the right attitude and dedication that not just anybody has, you know when you live it, watch it and compete, and in your gut just want to do well in the sport. That doesn’t come around very often, and I feel I share that same passion so will stick by the championship for as long as I can. I wish him luck for his first season too.”

Apart from yourself are there any drivers you think could be one to watch for this year?
“There’s so much raw talent in Pro Am this year, one to watch in my opinion would be Lwi Edwards. Fresh from the drift games seeding day in a new car, he is good enough to upset some big names! His foot work is insane, and his calm approach to throwing a car on someone door is just mind blowing! When we drive it gets very silly, door on door and he is such a nice lad, with the support of his dad Howard and Allitallia LTD, he is one to watch.”

It’s great to hear such support from drivers both new and old and fingers crossed Jolene’s team can get the car pulled together in time for Round One! It’s in good hands so we feel like it will!
Jolene is one of a wave of exciting up and coming drivers who will be competing on the Saturday Pro Am day. We will have the big screen both days and be running a massively upgraded sound system. Weekend tickets have never looked so attractive! If you’ve not booked already and you pre buy before the event then you can still save yourself 20% off the gate price, so head over and book your tickets today!

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