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We know everyone has been wondering what has been going on with the Round Three venue, in recent weeks we’ve been receiving lots of questions from fans about where the mid season round will be held.
The very early info we had released in January contained a TBC location as ‘Sunderland’ (many of you may have figured out where). However since then we received some rather unfortunate news, due to matters completely out of our own hands it won’t be possible to hold the event there.
At first we were unsure what to do, was throwing an extra round this year even worth it? As you can imagine finding venues that can work with the noise level of a drift event, plus the many other factors involved, can be tricky to say the least. We went back up and down the country in search of somewhere, working around the clock to make sure that we properly looked into ALL available options. This has opened multiple doors for future events but due to time restraints we couldn’t secure any brand new venues.

Then we had one simple thought, why not just bring the BDC back home again, to where it all kicked off all those years ago, at Teesside Autodrome.

Fans and drivers alike have a love for Teesside, the track layout is great, the spectating is great and the venue is in a perfect location for accommodation for people traveling to be a part of the full weekend experience.

So with that we’re happy to announce that with a very minor tweak to the dates, we’ll be holding our Round Three event back at Teesside Autodrome, Middlesborough. We’ve got some very special plans in the works for this one so make sure you keep an eye out for some more announcements coming soon.
The new dates will be June the 15th & 16th* and we hope you’ll be able to come and join us for what promises to be an excellent weekend of action packed motorsport entertainment, I guess it just leaves us with one question….

Which way round should we run the track?



*Any season ticket holders that can’t make this date due to the change then fire us an email  –



  • Can’t beat the entry speeds of the track the normal way around and the year they had a concrete wall clipping point was pretty awesome.

  • I would like to see the new line again, it shows the power of the cars!

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