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With the date rapidly approaching for Masterclass, our Round Three event held at Teesside Autodrome, we thought it was time to give everyone some more information on the goings on. One major change for this round will be the addition of two new judges who will be working closely alongside our head judge Brad McQueen. This will ensure clear cut and decisive calls on the battles and the ability to introduce some criteria to the public ahead of the event.
So who will we have making the call for Masterclass?

Ryan Pothecary
Ryan brings years of experience judging in all manor of events including BDC, IDC and Driftcup. He’s a well established name in the history of UK drifting and can still show a lot of up and comers a thing or two behind the wheel. We know he’ll be able to help set out an iron clad criteria that will be easily referred to, and has a great eye that can help to make the correct calls during neck and neck battles.

Jon Calvert
Jon might not be a familiar name for many of the new fans of the sport, but for those who have been around for a while will recognise him as a true veteran of UK drifting. He’s won events such as JDM Allstars and has also done his fair share of judging at events such as BDC in the past. Jon’s keen eye, passion for the sport and knowledge of the Teesside track will be a great addition to the panel.

As you can see we have gone all out to get a true Masterclass of old school British drifting talent overseeing the goings on, this looks to be a massive event and we couldn’t be more excited to see the action unfold.
With building a new team we are always looking to find ways that we can evolve and adapt to make the championship even more exhilarating and this feels like a step in the right direction for us! What do you think of this exclusive panel for the Masterclass event?

As well as the changes for this round on the judging panel, we will also have a change in the commentary booth as Ian Waddington will be away on his Driftmasters duties, so Ben Manuel will be joining Sarah Hall on the mic to talk you through all the action on track this time round!

Tickets are on sale now and early buy tickets save you 20% off the gate admission price, so get booked on and come and be apart of BDC experience live in person, Teesside is an amazing venue with great spectating plus we’ve got tons of off track entertainment all weekend long as well!

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