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Ryan Pothecary to join the judging team full time!

by Mac Frost 26th June 2019

For Masterclass we decided to up the game and brought in some real expert level judges who have the veteran knowledge an event of that level required. Ryan was a valuable asset when it came to working on the panel and helping set the criteria with our head judge Brad McQueen, and we’re thrilled to be able to announce that he will be staying on the panel for the rest of the year.

We will continue to build out and grow the all new #BDC2019 team over the course of the year and we are always looking for ways to progressively enhance the sport of competitive drifting, Ryan is a great fit for everything we are trying to achieve. We are sure the fans and drivers alike will give him the warm welcome he deserves.

So the panel is set for High Roller at NEC –

Head Judge – Brad McQueen

Ryan Pothercary

Ben Manuel


Which leaves the commentary seat open for Ian Waddington to return back alongside Sarah Hall.

This NEC event is shaping up to be bigger than anything we have done before and we hope it will be one for the history books of British Drifting! Have you got your tickets booked yet?

Look out for more news coming soon!

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