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You can win yourself a set of Yellow Speed Racing coilovers thanks to our amazing partners at Yellow Speed Racing! We’ve teamed up to make sure that the brand new BDC this season is bigger than ever, and as part of that we want to give something back to our fans. If you’ve been watching the BDC since the very beginning or you’re just finding it now, we want to thank you for supporting us and helping us grow to where we currently are. What better way to do it than to offer you one of the amazing products that you will see in use on the BDC track!
So what do you have to do to enter this competition?
We’re throwing our Round Four mega show at Birmingham NEC, it’s known as the High Roller. As a part of this event we have a car show with clubs from all up and down the UK attending. Get your car booked in for the show as we will have a panel of judges ready to pick the best car, and the winner will be award with a set of brand new coilovers.
The winner can pick any set of Yellowspeed “Dynamic Pro Sport” coilovers from the catalogue. We will announce the winner on Sunday 28th July at the NEC, you’ve got to be in it to win it!
Want to book? Of course you do! So head over to our Facebook page and let us know you want to attend via a direct message and we will let you know the details on how to get a show spot saved for you! There is no particular type of car we are looking for, just anything you think is worthy of being classed as the High Roller!

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