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It’s unbelievable to think that the last 7 months have gone by in such a blur. The start of the year a new team headed into mostly unknown territory, and an experienced war torn unit has emerged at the other side of it. From Battle Stations to The Final Assault, #BDC2019 has been an incredible journey for all involved in it!

Buxton Raceway is a well know venue in the UK drift scene, and when it was first announced that it would be on the BDC calendar, people thought that the new owner Matt Stevenson had lost his mind. It seemed the many folks couldn’t understand how a small stock car track on the top of a mountain in the High Peaks could house ANY round of the championship, let alone a stand out mega show to end out the season.
But the thing about expectations is, when they are so low, it’s easy to blow them all away.
You see, Buxton has one massive advantage over any other venue in the country, you can run there at night, and as we have seen, that opens up the show to a whole new level!
Between the lights, pyro, fireworks and more supplied by our amazing partners Sterling Event group and Phenomenal Fireworks LTD we ended the season with a real bang!

Both championships were absolutely rocked at the first step, when both classes saw their points leaders fall in the first bracket of battles.
Josh King’s campaign slipped away from him as he was taken out of competitions by 2019’s most improved driver William Hanna, who’s car looked wild with the new metallic wrap lit under the flood lights (plus the addition of the rolling disco he had attached to it!)
The Pro class saw Adam Simmons go head to head with the Lunatic Aurimas Vaskelis, they had an incredibly close called battle, with Aurimas making an error in the lead position on the roundabout and handing the points to Adam.

It was once more an open book as to who would take home both championships, and as drifting usually shows us, things would remain as unpredictable as ever.
The Pro Am class once again largely stole the limelight ,we really have to give a shout out to all our future stars who put on an incredible show! We are seeing more and more skill behind the wheel, and some incredible rivalries forming on the track as well!
The action was getting underway on the Friday evening underneath the floodlights at the oval circuit, and the totally one of a kind layout was pushing the drivers to the limits amidst some insane battles.
It really all came down to the wire, with both Lwi Edwards, Paul Cunnington and Martyn Cowley reaching the Top 4, every driver digging deep and going harder than ever before.
Martyn and Paul would progress to the final, meaning that the championship could, and of course did, come down to a single point.
Lwi would face off for the 3rd step of the podium against last rounds most XITE’ing driver Stephen Fitzgerald, both drivers throwing it all on the line in a truly amazing showdown.
Paul and Martyn had maybe the closest matchup of the entire season, with a tense rivalry forming at the start of the year with Martyn blocking Paul from the podium at rounds one and two. No one was holding anything back as they went one more time, with Paul unable to keep pace with Maryns leading line.
The crowd went wild as Martyn took the top step of the podium, but the championship ended up going home with the young 17 year old welsh superstar who finished in 3rd.
All separated by only a single point! Lwi Edwards is a name that came out of nowhere during 2019 but we know it’s going to be a name everyone knows by the end of next season as the youngster moves on up to take on the top names in British drifting!

The most XITE’ing driver of the day went to Danny Mcguire, his smile bigger than ever, and what a well deserved win, his contact with the wall in his Top 16 match up swiping off his wing from the back of the R34. We know the SP motorsport gang were very happy come the Friday night celebrations!

With the bar set incredibly high we headed into the Pro day, 10 drivers were given the chance to take their Pro license there and then and jump into the mix, along with guest drivers Matt Carter and William Rose along to shake things up.
Qualifying went by like a flash, with two time champion Matt Carter absolutely dominating with his insane 99 point run! Truly a new record set in BDC history at this monumental event.
Right from the get go the battles were of a crazy standard, not one driver was willing to give up an inch on the track.

From Julie Robinson’s skyline chucking 6 feet of flames out the back to William rose colliding with the wall and demolishing the rear end of his car it was all happening, stage by stage the battles got even more unbelievable.

As we entered the top 4 we saw the recently Pro certified rockstar of the BDC, Dango come up against Matt Carter in the Top 4, after the first run Carter looked like he was about to mop up, when all of a sudden on initiation he broke a driveshaft and put himself out of competition.
In the other half of the final four we saw last rounds second place finisher Oliver Evans take on another new addition to the Pro class William Hanna. Hanna looked strong and had another amazing weekend but no matter how hard he pushed the veteran experience of Evans was too much as stormed through to the final!

And this is what it all came down too, two old friends, both who learned to drift many years ago on this circuit, going head to head for the final win!
Dango pushed hard and peddled the hell out of his JZ swapped RX8, but again Evans was too clean on his lead, and showed unbelievable aggression in his chase, with the Ollie took the win, and the 2019 championship!

It just goes to show, how the unexpected can and usually does happen on and off the track at BDC events!

We’d like to give a huge congratulations to Evans and his crew for taking the big win, a massive should out to Dango and William Hanna for showing just how much talent is on the way up to Pro next year, and a special shoutout to this rounds most XITE’ing pro driver Adam Simmons!
We’ll have a full season recap coming out in the near future as well as some more content so keep your eyes peeled on the blog in the next few weeks!

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