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The British Drift Championship has worked with DriftCup for the past 5 years as the official feeder series.
The team at DriftCup are excited to remain as the official feeder series to the UK’s premier drifting
championship; The British Drift Championship.

As the new season approaches there are a few changes you need to be aware of:
If you hold a BDC Pro-Am licence the following will apply:
If you did not take part in a BDC championship events throughout the 2019 season.
You may return back to the Pro Am class of the BDC.
You may choose to take a place on the grid of the Seeded Class of DriftCup in 2020.

Drivers competing in the Unseeded Class of DriftCup who achieve a Top 4 finish will get the opportunity
to advance to the Seeded Class. You need to finish in the Top 16 or higher to remain in that class.
During the  1st four rounds of the 2020 DriftCup season, the Top 4 drivers in the Seeded Class from each
round will be given the opportunity to try out for their Pro-Am British Drift Championship license. To gain
a BDC license, a driver must qualify and win a battle.
Attempting to gain a BDC Pro-Am license will not affect points scored in your DriftCup campaign if you
return to DriftCup.

At the end of the 2020 season, the Top 8 drivers in the Seeded Class of DriftCup will automatically
advance to the Pro-Am Class of The British Drift Championship.
In an effort to support grassroots drifting and keep the competition as varied as possible, the Top 4
finishers from each round of Retro Drift Challenge and Scottish Drift Championship (except current BDC
drivers) will have the opportunity to enter the Seeded Class at the next DriftCup event. All RDC and SDC
drivers need to qualify and win a battle to retain a position in the championship.

Any non points scoring DGN Championship 2019 drivers are invited to join the DriftCup roster in 2020.
We all know drifting is an international sport which is why DriftCup and The British Drift Championship
welcome competitors from all around the world. Any international driver must apply to the BDC and be
placed in the relevant championship on a case by case basis. Finally, an additional single ‘wildcard’ driver will be invited to take part in the Pro Class of each British Drift Championship round in 2020

British Drift Championship
The following structure will be held within the BDC
Point-scoring drivers in the DGN Championship 2019 will be able to join The British Drift Championship
grid in 2020 in the Pro-Am Class.
Any DGX drivers are able to compete in the Pro class of the BDC.
Any Pro-Am driver finishing in the Top 4 of each round, may choose to drive with the Pro class the
following day. If they finish in the Top 4 of the Pro class then they may choose to take a Pro license.
Any International Pro class drivers are invited to join the BDC Pro class in 2020 if they wish.

Matt Stevenson.
BDC Director

Mark Buckle
DriftCup Director

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