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It is with great regret that we must share the absolutely devastating news that we will be unable to hold the first round of the championship at Rockingham.
Due to matters out of our own control, and in spite of a huge effort on the behalf of our team and the management at the Rockingham logistics hub we’ve been unable to establish an arrangement for this event.
As we were not initially directly working with the venue we had been guaranteed by our partner that permission was there for us to bring back the BDC for one last opportunity. As the season launch hit off to massive success over the back end of last week and the weekend at Autosports, behind the scenes it unraveled that this was not the case.
We worked tirelessly around the clock to try and make this happen as we knew how excited you, the fans, were to see the return of this time-honored venue. Even with these efforts, it became apparent to us yesterday that there was just no way to make this happen.
If we would have had any indication whatsoever that something like this may happen, then we never would have announced the venue, this has been equally as shocking to us also.
To anyone who has taken the time off work, or booked accommodation near to the venue, we can’t possibly apologise enough, we’re getting this unfortunate news out ASAP to try and prevent any further inconvenience from happening for anyone else.
On the positive side, we are hopeful to reveal a brand new venue, that we are aiming to bring forward from our 2021 calendar. We thank you in advance for your understanding and support of the championship, and we can promise you that in spite of this venue being lost we have an incredible season in the works. There are still many fantastic surprises yet to come!

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